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Are Adjustable Beds Good For Sleep Apnoea?

A good sleep is the perfect way to start a day and give your best! A well rested person has the energy to do more and achieve more. On the other hand, a bad sleep, for whatever reason can completely drain you out of the will and energy to get on with a new day of opportunities waiting for you!

Sleep Apnoea (Spelt Sleep Apnea in the USA) is one such common problem, faced by many across the globe, that can cause troubles with sleep. It’s a condition where the air passage is obstructed in sleep position causing snoring, or restricted breathing. This may be as a result of constriction of the throat, nose or chest air passage and may lead to severe vibrations even when breathing shallow. Changing your sleeping position is one way to prevent it but since you cannot really control your position all through the night in a flat bed with pillows, it is not the best solution. The other common way medical professionals treat the symptoms is to prescribe a CPAP machine. Most common complaints include difficulty getting comfortable, tubes tangling during the night, the noise of the machine keeps me or my partner awake, the air is dry and I wake up with a sore throat or blocked nose, the CPAP pressurized air is too hard to get used to and general claustrophobic fears and concerns.

Is there a solution?

Yes, and it’s called positional therapy, which is best achieved in an Adjustable Bed. Recent medical studies have shown that positional therapy is equally effective in treating Sleep Apnoea as a CPAP machine. Researches found that by elevating the thorax (upper body) by greater than 30 degrees helps to prevent sleep apnoea and snoring in all but sever cases. When we fall asleep on a flat bed, the tongue, the largest muscle in the upper airway, falls back towards the back of the airway, creating the most common cause of airway narrowing. When the airway partially narrows, airflow becomes turbulent, which marks the start of sleep apnoea and snoring. By sleeping in an adjustable bed with the head end raised by 30 degrees, the tongue falls down horizontally, which actually causes the airways to remain open, as apposed to falling down towards the back of the throat. Adjustable beds are a natural solution to readjust and allow your airway to remain unrestricted, they also come with none of the complaints of a CPAP machine.

Adjustable Beds for Overweight People

Being overweight is another major reason for sleep apnea as the pressure on your neck and airways is increased in sleeping positions in a flat bed. An adjustable bed is absolutely the best solution for overweight people to ease the pressure on the neck and avoid blocking of the airways as well as reduce pressure from many pressure points.

The body position supported by an adjustable bed with memory foam technology does not cause any harm or pressure to any part of the body, while also enabling a good sleep. It is highly recommended to use adjustable beds to prevent sleep apnoea and enhance one’s sleeping routine. Sleep apnoea is not just disturbing for the person suffering from it but can also greatly disturb one’s partner or other people who may be sleeping around. Getting a good rest is equivalent to eating healthy as it nourishes the mind and body with healthy energy.

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