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Are Adjustable Beds Good for Your Back?

Adjustable Beds Offer Several Benefits To Your Back

Neck or back pain are a cause of concern for millions of people around the world and lying down flat on a mattress can aggravate the condition. If you too suffer from back pain then you can consider buying an adjustable bed (some premium brands, like ours, are even fitted with massage motors to offer whole body vibration therapy).

Memory Foam Technology

Memory foam was first developed in conjunction with NASA to offer support and comfort to astronauts during the rigours of lift-off. Scientifically designed to evenly distribute pressure and weight, the technology was later adopted by Seniors Plus Australia. Further developing on the pioneers that introduced the world to the fantastic benefits of Memory Foam, today we only use the highest quality, Cool-Gel infused memory foam in our adjustable beds, to offer complete support and comfort each and every night.


Positional Therapy

Individuals with chronic back pain or the ones recovering from a back surgery usually experience immense discomfort while sleeping at night. Now, sleeping on a flat mattress might not be quite a comfortable idea with people suffering from chronic pain. For such individuals, investing in an adjustable bed might be a good proposition.

Calibrating the electric lift adjustable bed at an incline of fifteen to forty five degrees helps the upper body to be at rest, while the legs being raise to take pressure off the knees and lower back provides support to the rest of the body. This is considered to be a great position to sleep as it offers immense support to the entire back while allowing an individual to sleep comfortably. Whereas, if it is just lower back pain you suffer from, elevating the foot end to 20-30 degrees whilst only slightly (5 degrees) elevating the head end, can offer unparalleled relief from lower back pain and sciatica pain. For ease of use, all Seniors Plus Australia Adjustable Beds come with preset positions including the semi-fowler and ZeroG position, along with independent head and foot elevation variability.

Now, adjustable beds are really great for those who feel comfortable lying down in a reclining or inclining position. Lying flat on the mattress can be the source of immense pain and discomfort for those suffering from neck, back pain or any other joint pains, in these cases an adjustable bed is the obvious choice.


Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Therapy for back pain suffers

There have been numerous scientific studies conducted on the therapeutic benefits of whole body vibration therapy for all types of back pain sufferers. A quick search on Google for ‘whole body vibration therapy for back pain’ will show over 800,000 results, however, having served the community since 2004 we have found the most credible source of evidence to support a link between pain relief and whole body vibration therapy is in the testimonials from our very own customers.


What can our range of Adjustable beds specifically do for your back pain?

Seniors Plus Australia’s range of adjustable beds may help to alleviate general aches and pains in the body. They have been specifically designed to assist in the reduction of musculoskeletal pain whilst also aiding in joint mobilisation.

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