How We Can Help – Adjustable Beds & Electric Lift Chairs New Zealand

How can we help?

Being industry specialists in the independence and mobility of seniors, we will work with you and your loved ones to ensure we tailor our advice to your specific needs. Our range of therapeutic products are designed to provided improved well-being, quality of life and health outcomes, all within your own home.

Seniors Plus products can help with the following ailments:
Back, neck, shoulder, knee or hip pain
Cold/hot feet
Cramps in your legs
Fatigue during the day
Fluid retention
Hiatus hernia
Respiratory or sinus issues
Restless legs
Sleepless nights
Stress and anxiety
Swelling in your legs

Ensure your quality of life remains all whilst maintaining your independence in your own home by Contacting Us today. We can send an information pack and arrange for a Seniors Plus Therapeutic consultation.